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Listen up! YEO... i made all this shit at 3:31 am in the morning... iightie cuz i wasn't allowed to go to bed! sum of my frienz know the situation....k well *pe@ce*

::would I ever::
sky dive: yes become one with the birds!!! LMAO
bungee jump: mayb not i ain't a head first kinda person! lol
deep sea dive: hellz yea swim with the fishes!!!
get a tattoo: yes i would but not one of those huge ass ones tat are wicked ugli!
Dye my hair un natural colors: YES blue purple hot pink wha eva i don't care wha ppl think... they are my frienz for me!
[insider so don't act like u kno] would i eat apples on the first day LOL jocelyn: HELLZ YEA I WILL I'VE DONE IT B4!

what do you want to be: FBI AGENT LOL MATT or Dermatologist
what college do you want to attend: Duke University!!!
do you want to get married: of course
where do you want to live: dunno
how many kids do you want to have: 7 lmao nah 2 or 3
kids names: Seth,Clyde,and Skyler i dunno yet for gurlz lol

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.bravenet.counter

::one or the other::
chocolate or vanilla: choclate
black or white: very confused
sweet or salty: sweet!
1 pillow or two: 1
is the glass half full or half empty: i NEVER understand this question NEVER!
mtv or vhi: mtv
up or down: up..hehe
right of left: right
blind or deaf: BLAH! mayb deaf i needa see to check out the hott guyz these dayz! LOL
night or day: night
cold or hot: hott
gap or old navy: old navy
coke or pepsi: coke
summer or winter: summer
spring or fall: spring (its close 2 summer)
kiss or hug: throw in sum tounge lmao!
messy or clean: a neat freak
nice or mean: nice
clean or dirty: clean
smart or dumb: more smart than dumb
ring or bracelet: ring! BLING BLING!! LOL
movie or tv: movie
pen or pencil: pen
long or short hair: long!

::what do you think of when u hear::
dog: meow
bat: balls LMAO
tape: scotch
mouse: cat
computer: my life LOL j-p
paper: notes
phone: (((((ring ring)))))
money: $$$$$$
movie: Fast and Furios LOL jocelyn and maegan
suit case: BUSINESS $$$$ MAFIA LOL
gap: clothes
pen: more notes
test: 100
school: frienz
teacher: lalalalal myself lmao
spring break:beach
summer: beach tannin hott guys
brother: asshole
sister: bitch
mom: bossy
dad: jerk
honest: betrayer
fake: liars
britney spears: SLUT!!! nah Rachael!! wannabe!
bill clinton: lol wut a losa lol
napster: dam posers!
bill gates: wha a geeeeeeeeeeeek!
sports: SOCCER!!!!!! LOL

what's your favorite place to visit: Mall
where do you really want to visit: China lol
have you ever been out of the country: yes
if so where: Portugal and Canada
where do you not want to go: wha?
why: ????
do you get along with your family: NO!
if you could do anything right now what would it be: SLEEP!
if you could have one wish what would it be: That all my closest frienz were goin to the same high skewl as me!!
why: cuz i love em!

To all my gurlz!
If dat beotch.. slaps u... shes gunna have to slap me too!